Son of Dathomir

Another comic, and my hand was forced into trying out Marvel’s new Unlimited service to read this, as the only alternative was to pay like $75 on Amazon, although apparently there is a new print edition of this coming out later this year.

(Unlimited is great, but its more than a little clunky reading on a desktop. I’m told its better on a tablet.)

The timing for this is a bit weird, as its the only comic published by Dark Horse that is currently Canon. Basically Disney had bought LucasFilm but Dark Horse still had the series under license, so when the unproduced Clone Wars episodes that make up Son of Dathomir needed a comic to represent them, the job went to DH who published the book in 2014. As one of the Clone Wars legacy works, it was preserved in the canon while all other DH books ended up on the Legends scrapheap.

I didn’t find the story too engaging – it was an instance where alot of the tension was removed by the fact that we know what characters survive and in what form. This is a problem for all of the Expanded Universe material, but some handle it better than others.

Something that really weirded me out was the way battle droids were drawn in it. Its like the artist had never seen battle droids and someone explained them to him verbally over a bad phone connection. Check this out:


What the fuck are those things? It looks like a Greendale Human that has been assimilated by the Borg. I’m apparently not the only one to have been confused by this. Some people think they’re commando droids who have been unfortunately written to have the dumb AI of battle droids, but i think that confusion says alot about the quality of the art, in the first issue at least. In the artist’s defence it appears that choice is swiftly dropped in the later issues where battle droids look consistent with the show.


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